The Resort

The perfect seclusion vacation destination

Boutique Luxury Resort

Welcome to our magnificent boutique luxury lodge located in the breathtaking Northern Ireland. Our building is not just any building, it is a historical and listed gem that emanates majestic grandeur. It would be an understatement to say it has not aged a day considering it dates back to the 1600s.

Our guests can truly relish in its charming history while experiencing the height of elegance in our elegantly furnished amenities. The kind of comfort you deserve after a long day of exploring the beautiful Irish landscape. Our guest’s satisfaction is our top priority. The suite of self-catering and accommodation amenities available to you will exceed your expectations, setting us apart from other accommodations in the area.

Resort Amenities

Spa facilities

Our outdoor spa facilities offer the ideal setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. From a hot tub to a sauna and a BBQ area, the amenities cater to every type of guest- be it a girls’ weekend, a couple’s retreat, or a serene family vacation.

The hot tub provides a therapeutic experience, relieving muscle tension and soothing activity-filled days. The sauna helps in detoxifying and cleansing the body, invigorating your senses. And the BBQ area allows guests to dine al fresco amidst lush greenery, soaking in the scenic beauty. The combination of these facilities, with serene natural surroundings, creates a perfect atmosphere for guests to indulge in privacy and tranquility.

Come and experience our outdoor spa retreat for a memorable holiday.

Kind Words From Our Guests